Recorded YaleGALE presentations and exchanges

The videos archived as webinars on this webslte provide an opportunity for you to listen to presentations on best practices in alumni relations. Each video was recorded at one of the many YaleGALE Alumni Leadership Exchanges, Forums, or Conferences.

panelists: Joe Staley, Charlotte Hitchcock, and Ed Sevilla

Every YaleGALE Alumni Leadership Exchange is different. Nonetheless, these videos are representative of the presentations delivered at each Exchange. These videos are also examples from some of the many discussion formats available, but are by no means exhaustive in respect to format or topic.



Conference Location

Certainly, watching an archived video cannot induce the spectator engagement and give-and-take of a live presentation. And it cannot capture the rich conversations among attendees that often follow a presentation, or take place during informal dinners or luncheons. Nonetheless these archived videos enable YaleGALE to share its volunteers’ experiences with a much wider audience. We hope you find them useful.