The Resource Book

The Resource Book is in-depth look at a variety of programs and projects through which Yale alumni engage with each other, their communities, and Yale. It contains over 100 pages written by alumni volunteers about their active volunteer engagement in particular programs, as well as their personal reasons for becoming involved.

Click here for a pdf version of The Resource Book.

The Resource Book was originally prepared for the first YaleGALE exchange in 2008 in Australia.  It included the following dedication:

To the Alumni of

                                 The Australian National University
                                            on this inaugural
                              Global Alumni Leadership Exchange

“We came together to share our traditions, to instill the values of leadership and service among our fellow alumni, to use our resources in service of society, and to position our two great universities as institutions of global consequence.”

                                 With gratitude and appreciation,
                                  The Association of Yale Alumni
                                             Yale University
                                             August 6, 2008