This page is a developing resource. It currently contains materials  prepared for YaleGALE Conferences and Forums. These are intended as “virtual” handouts to support presentations being prepared for these Conferences and Forums.

From time to time handouts like these need to be reviewed for accuracy and updated when necessary. Additional supplemental handouts may need to be developed, written, edited, or reviewed. In April 2015, YaleGALE began partnering with for this ongoing purpose.

An exhibit of printed pieces at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University

Volunteer engagement
Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers
Case Study: volunteer engagement in an award winning reunion

Leadership cultivation
Nurturing New Leaders
Publicly recognizing and rewarding leadership
Leadership and Governance

Engaging Alumni of Different Ages
Engaging Alumni of Different Ages

Family Engagement
Parents as donors and university community members

Developing a Culture of Giving
Building a culture of connection and loyalty
Building community through Symbol, Ritual & Tradition
Video: Building one community using student activities

Regional Associations
Programs to Sustain Alumni Engagement
List of sample activities

Regional Associations Abroad
Key Factors for Success
Day of Service Abroad

Reunions and Homecomings
Planning a Successful Reunion or Homecoming – part 1
Planning a Successful Reunion or Homecoming – part 2
Volunteer-run Reunions – the Professional’s view
Building Attendance at a Reunion
Sample Reunion Schedules

Affinity Groups (Shared Interest Groups)
Organizing Affinity Groups
Organizing by interests and passions
Creating a community around travel
Building community through athletics
YaleWomen: Starting a National Shared Interest Group
YaleWomen: Starting Regional Chapters

Mentoring, Student-Alumni Programming, Internships
Creating a “Bulldogs” regional internship program
Comparing characteristics of successful “Bulldogs” programs
Benefits of Mentoring and Internships

Using Social Media
Effective use of social media
Supporting Media Run-and-Maintained by Volunteers
Planning multiple-location events using social media

Fundraising and Development
The Five Stages of Giving
The Role of Volunteers in Fundraising
The intimate face of giving
Preparing students for a lifetime of giving
Keeping the connection – a key to young alumni giving
Keeping alumni engaged in giving over a lifetime
Capital Campaigns – High Impact Philanthropy
Fundraising with “Friends of” organizations

Architecture: The influence of architecture on university life
The Campus as Curated Gallery of Fine Architecture
The Architecture of Return
Architectural Remembrances

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning for an alumni relations organization
Strategic Planning: Generating Bold Ideas