YaleGALE is a program by which Yale alumni volunteers can share Yale’s traditions of active alumni engagement with other world leading institutions of higher learning and their alumni.  In turn, Yale alumni expect to learn from the traditions and best practices of others.

A wood paneled reading room at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University

Yale alumni have a tradition of volunteering and self-organizing. In fact, Yale was the first college to affiliate alumni by year of graduation, the first to organize reunions, the first to establish regional clubs, and the first to organize a representative alumni association.

Universities in much of the rest of the world have very little culture of alumni stewardship. These universities often receive the bulk of their operating assistance from governments or corporate entities. In contrast, many American universitites (including Yale) look to current alumni contributions and alumni funded endowments to pay for a significant part of their operations. However, it is difficult to successfully solicit alumni for contributions, when alumni are not actively engaged with the university and when deep alumni ties have not been developed.

YaleGALE and its alumni volunteers hope their combined efforts will strengthen Yale and educational institutions throughout the world.