PARIS 2013

Introduction – Overview – Interview – Reflections

Letter from the Producer

Bonjour mes amis –

This was an exciting undertaking with a number of new initiatives and challenges.

YaleGALE participants in front of the entrance to Chartres cathedral, holding a banner with the word "YALE"

Among the new initiatives were a US Embassy sponsored leader development conference aimed at both NGOs and universities, and a Leadership Summit aimed at training newly-participating YaleGALE delegates and analyzing the weeks interactions. The challenges included adjusting to the large-group exchange-format that the conference logistics necessitated.

We were pleased to find a wealth of experience in our YaleGALE ranks across a broad spectrum of leadership competencies, including delegates who could serve effectively as panelists and facilitators on leadership issues of interest not only to university representatives, but to the NGO community as well. We were also impressed with the capabilities of our new YaleGALE delegates, in all respects. Moreover, our group displayed an uncommon level of flexibility in addressing unforeseen circumstances.

Fortunate timing allowed us to celebrate Feb Club Emeritus, with the Yale Club of France on the evening of February 13 – in sight of a shimmering Eiffel Tower. We were also fortunate to have Steve Scher ’56, ’66 Ph.D. along, not only to guide us on a tour of Chartres, but also to arrange some quite unique experiences.

The feedback we received from all parties concerned was enthusiastic and positive, including encouragement from the universities for continuing engagement with the possibility of a broad-based conference next year in Paris, again focusing on leadership development in the form of a Leadership Forum.

The extension to the Normandy Landings and Memorial proved to be a moving and memorable experience for those who were able to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. In fact, some of our participants found this to be the most meaningful part of an overall simulating and fulfilling program.

As a summary comment, YaleGALE in Paris was a wonderful event in all its facets, including the varied program elements, the identification of current and new delegate talents, the very special receptions hosted by local alumni, the remarkable tours of sites in Paris and Chartres, and a most meaningful extension to Normandy. We will always remember this experience as one of our finest.

Tous les meilleurs
Marv Berenblum ‘56
Producer, YaleGALE in Paris

Dates: February 11- 19, 2013
Delegation: 44 Yalies, family and friends
Official photographer: Stuart Cohen ’70
Program Producer: Marv Berenblum ‘56