On Tuesday, March 7, the YaleGALE group traveled by coach to visit Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Puebla Campus. Before arriving at the campus, the group spent time in Puebla’s historic city center and the Museo International del Barroco to appreciate the depth of the cultural tradition of the region.

Tec student presenting his project

After a tour of the expanding campus and some of its newest facilities, the forum began with a welcome from Juan Carlos Cabrera Camargo, the Director of Alumni Relations and special Social Enterprise academic programs for the Puebla Campus, and an introduction from Charlotte Hitchcock ’91 MPH, Co-Producer of YaleGALE in Mexico. Then several dozen Tec students presented inspiring and engaging summaries of some of their social enterprise projects including support services for students who experienced bullying and young kids living in a children’s shelter.

Lynn Johnson from YaleGALE leading a discussion with Tec students

Breakout sessions led by YaleGALE participants, including Lynn Johnson ’61, involved facilitated discussions with students and alumni on cultivating a culture of giving back, volunteer engagement in service activities, and volunteer roles in fundraising.

Two Tec students leading a group discussion

Meeting again in plenary, representatives from Tec along with Kathy Edersheim ’87, Senior Director for the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) and Chair of YaleGALE, reviewed how an active alumni relations association contributes to a mission driven goal to strengthen the university, improve the education experience, and create a life-long relationship of alumni with each other and the university.

YaleGALE participants from Yale and Tec sharing lunch

Discussions continued during a light networking dinner, hosted by Tec alumni and alumni relations professionals.

Bob Asadorian leading a discussion in an auditorium at Monterrey Tec in Puebla

The Forum then switched gears with a more formal panel discussion of how to create and enhance alumni community. The discussion was led by Cliff Warner ‘87 MFA, Co-Producer of YaleGALE in Mexico, along with Margaret Bearn ’68 LLB and Bob Asadorian ’68 BS. Fifty Tec alumni attended the session and participated in the discussion.

YaleGALE participants from Yale and Tec at networking cocktail reception holding signs supporting volunteers

The day concluded with a networking cocktail reception hosted by EXATEC, the alumni association. The reception included an award ceremony for some of Tec’s outstanding alumni volunteers. Special thanks to Marlet Arrieta Juárez, Alumni Relations Assistant at the Puebla Campus.

Yale alumni at the giant chessboard on the Monterrey Tec Mexico City campus

During the next day, March 8, YaleGALE participants visited Tec’s Mexico City Campus. The day began with a welcome message by Campus Director Dr. Rashid Abella, and a short tour of campus, coordinated by Yuriko Taniguchi, Cooperation Services Coordinator at International Office. The EXATEC Day of Service program (Dia Mundial EXATEC) was reviewed by Emilio Alvarez Frangie, director of the Alumni Association.

Two Tec students giving a presentation toYaleGALE at the Mexico City campus

This was followed by engaging student presentations about their community service projects, coordinated by Lily de Liderazgo.

Cliff Warner and Charlotte Hitchcock from Yale with Monica Avila Garcia of Tec speaking to attendees at reception

The exchange concluded that evening with a networking cocktail reception on the 51st floor of The Torre Mayor, offering scintillating conversation and spectacular views of Mexico City. Special thanks to Monica Peña Cárdenas, Alumni relations for the Mexico City Area, Mónica Avila García, Alumni Relations for Monterrey Tec, South Central Zone, and Luis Franciso Javier Zuñiga Fregoso, Monterrey Tec’s Liaison Officer at Yale University.