Letter from the Publisher

Howdy Pardners,

The YaleGALE visit to Las Vegas, New Mexico (USA) was uniquely satisfying. It included both our first domestic exchange and our first ever planning retreat.

Group photo of Yale alumni, family, and friends at Belden Ranch, standing in front of chuck wagon

Our visit to Las Vegas started and ended on the high plains at the Belden Ranch. We were inspired by the setting and accomplished much. YaleGALE can’t thank Joe and Linda Staley enough for all their support and their generous hosting of the retreat at their ranch. Thanks especially to Cliff Warner, ‘87 MFA for providing a vision for the retreat, leading us through forests of words and charting our journey’s progress. Thanks also to Ed Sevilla ’82 for helping with the planning sessions. As those plans take shape you will be able to read about them in future newsletters.

On this visit we also got to do what we love – exchange best practices with others. With Joe’s connections and guidance, Cliff was able to produce our first YaleGALE domestic exchange with New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU). They too, were most gracious and generous hosts. The exchange reinforced our sense that the discussions at the retreat — of vision and mission – were on the right track.

Best of all, no one wore chaps!

Happy Trails.

Ben Slotznick ‘70
Publisher of Exchanges, the YaleGALE newsletter

Dates: May 2 – 5, 2013
Delegation: 16 Yalies and spouses
Program Producer: Cliff Warner, 87 MFA