Letter from the Producer


Our trip to Europe was incredibly inspiring. We met amazing people, saw astounding sights, and made many friends. We hope to grow those friendships with future encounters.

YaleGALE participants at Garden Island of Mainau in Southern Germany in front of a bank of flowers

This was also a trip of many firsts.

• YaleGALE provided pre-programing for a major conference of alumni relations professionals ( in Göttingen).
• YaleGALE served as catalyst for a gathering of University Presidents to begin a policy discussion on volunteering and alumni relations (the Netherlands).
• YaleGALE met in executive session with an University alumni relations department on strategic planning (at University of Zurich).

All of these form a solid foundation for future YaleGALE efforts. In addition, YaleGALE took this trip in May enabling our participation for the second year in the Yale Day of Service.

YaleGALE participants in Göttingen, Germany wearing Yale Day of Service T-shirts with the YaleGALE Europe 2014 logo on the back.

We also visited five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and other places of cultural interest. YaleGALE participants found them varied, marvelous and breathtaking. These visits enriched our understanding of the places we visited and the people we met.

This was our smallest contingent abroad, with different alumni participating in different locations.

YaleGALE participants on a cruise ship on Lake Zurich with members of the Yale Club of Switzerland, and the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Zurich

Our hosts were gracious, and we can’t thank them enough. But I am most appreciative of the spirit and dedication of our volunteers. The scheduling for this trip was heavy and tight, but YaleGALE volunteers accomplished much with humor, panache and élan.

Tot ziens! Auf Wiedersehen!

Ben Slotznick ’70, Dra ’73
Producer, YaleGALE in Europe 2014

Dates: May 6 – 18, 2014
Delegation: 20 Yalies, family and friends
Official photographer: Stuart Cohen ‘70
Program Producer: Ben Slotznick ‘70, Dra ’73