The YaleGALE Volunteer Consulting Services (VCS) visit to the University of Amsterdam (UvA) on April 12, 2016 discussing emotional intelligence and leadership in alumni relations provided the focal point of the second day of programming for the Lowlands CASE conference on alumni relations. Lowlands CASE is an annual regional event of the Council for Advancement in Support of Education (CASE), the premiere international organization for professionals in the fields of advancement, educational fundraising, and alumni relations. Albert Goutbeek, Communicatiemanager, University of Amsterdam, was the primary organizer on behalf of CASE.

The invitation to the conference came as a follow-up to the 2014 Alumni relations conference hosted by the University of Amsterdam as part of YaleGALE in Europe 2014. For the 2014 event, local implementation relied upon Carolyn Wever, Head of Alumni Relations and Development at UvA, and Paul Broholm ‘78, President of the Yale Club of the Netherlands and former member of the AYA Board of Governors. The program in 2014 included 10 YaleGALE volunteers.

David Caruso speaking

The keynote for the day of Lowlands CASE on an Emotionally Intelligent Approach to Alumni Relations was delivered by David Caruso, PhD, special assistant to the Dean of Yale College and co-founder of the EI Skills Group at Yale. Dr. Caruso is co-author with Yale President Peter Salovey of “The Emotionally Intelligent Manager.” Breakout sessions included ones on Emotionally Intelligent Communications and Emotionally Intelligent Volunteer Management. Other breakouts focused on Leadership Cultivation., Strategic Planning, and Metrics. For a more detailed description of conference sessions see

Kathy Edersheim presenting, one listener is also shown

In addition to Paul Broholm, other members of the VCS team were Kathy Edersheim ’87, Senior Director of AYA and Chair of YaleGALE, Lynn Gunnar Johnson ’61, Chair of the VCS project, and Anke Tietz ’11 PhD.

Most sessions were offered as a dialogue or joint presentations by representatives of YaleGALE and of Dutch universities to provide multiple perspectives on each issue. Additional panelists and speakers included, Joe Laufer, Relationship Manager – Alumni, University of Twente, Nicole Fouchier, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Tilburg University, Delia de Vreeze, Director Alumni Relations & Funds, Wageningen UR, George Lubbe, Founder and Former Chair of the Wageningen Ambassadors, Martine Torfs, Director of Alumni Relations, University of Leuven, Mireille van der Meij, Directory University Development, University of Amsterdam, Tim Peeters, Hoofd Alumnirelaties, Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, Carolee Summers-Sparks, Deputy Director, CASE Europe, and Albert Goutbeek. For more details on panelists and speakers see:

Museum workers with Paul Broholm, David McCawley, and Kathy Edersheim at the University of Amsterdam Museum

Funding was provided in part through the U.S. Embassy. Embassy representatives at some of the conference events included Robert Anderson, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Jean-Paul Horsch, Cultural Affairs Assistant, and David McCawley, Consul General to the Netherlands.

The VCS experience in Amsterdam 2016 demonstrated that YaleGALE’s VCS can participate in conferences and bring fresh ideas in alumni relations to other organizations.

As Carolyn Wever, head of Alumni Relations and Development at UvA stated,

“I cannot express how special it is for our group of alumni and fundraising professionals that you took the time as volunteers to help us build a community based on your experience at Yale. From the colleagues I contacted afterwards, I received enthusiastic reports….We can look back at a great success.”

If your university or organization would be interested in taking advantage of this YaleGALE program and would like to be a Host Institution for a VCS visit, please contact Kathy Edersheim at, or Lynn Johnson at