Welcome – both to the current issue and our archives.

Welcome to Exchanges, the Newsletter of the Yale Global Alumni Leadership Exchange (YaleGALE).  This ongoing effort is one of the ways we hope to bridge university cultures and share best practices in alumni relations.

A wooden "arched" bridge with intricate truss-work at Cambridge University in England, called the "Mathematical Bridge"; it is raining, people on the bridge carry umbrellas, swans swim underneath.

Each issue focuses on one YaleGALE voyage, most usually to educational institutions in one particular country. Each issue details the educational institutions that the YaleGALE delegation visited, the exchanges that took place there, the reactions of their alumni and alumni relations professionals, and the lessons that we, YaleGALE, learned. Because, of course, sharing best practices is a two-way street — and YaleGALE gains as much as it gives.

In addition to each country specific issue (see menu along the top of the page), there is a continual update of news items accessed from the right hand side of the page. We expect these to increase in size and volume as time goes on.

It is exciting that with this Newsletter, we are able to share details of our missions and reports from our partnering universities. We hope you are inspired by learning of the new developments in alumni relations all over the world as well as the broader initiatives discussed here.

Kathy Edersheim,’87
Chairperson, YaleGALE