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The Yale Global Alumni Leadership Forum (or as it is also called, YaleGALE@Yale) is held in late November. It is held in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, on the Yale University Campus. The Forum is jointly sponsored by YaleGALE, the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA), and Yale – and is held in conjunction with the AYA Assembly.

The Assembly brings 500 Yale alumni volunteer leaders back to campus each year to present the latest developments at the university, to share information on the latest alumni activities, to sharpen leadership skills, and to honor outstanding Yale alumni. (For more information on Assembly, see http://aya.yale.edu/content/assemblies and http://aya.yale.edu/content/assembly-archives.)

The Forum includes presentations and small group sessions on Wednesday and Thursday specially designed for Forum attendees. Forum attendees also participate in Assembly plenaries on Thursday and Friday, as well as Assembly breakout and leadership training sessions. Receptions, dinners, luncheons, and other festivities abound. They range from small working meals to award-presentation events before multitudes. The more social activities include the small but noisy YaleGALE reunion to mammoth Campus-wide concerts, and end with an American football game attended by thousands. The football game includes accompanying tailgating revelries that rival many Homecomings elsewhere in the world.