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Propose Conference

YaleGALE is always looking for new places to visit, outside the United States. We have acknowledged expertise in developing and training volunteer leadership. If you and your organization would like to host a conference on alumni relations or volunteer communities, consider inviting YaleGALE.

YaleGALE forums, conferences and exchanges take a variety of forms. We address a variety of topics. However, any YaleGALE event takes a lot of work on the part of the hosting organization.

Yale University does not subsidize YaleGALE trips or conferences. Yale University does not pay YaleGALE alumni volunteers. In fact, YaleGALE alumni volunteers pay their own way to attend and help arrange these exchanges and conferences. Consequently, there is a real and sometimes significant expense that a hosting organization must bear.

If you would like YaleGALE to produce or participate in a conference on alumni relations or volunteer communities at your university or in your community, please send us an email.

Yours, in changing lives,

Kathy Edersheim ’87, Chair YaleGALE