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Paris, France 2013

The words "Yale", "GALE", "2012", and "Paris", in red white and blue, with a drawing of the Eiffel Tower forming the "a" in "Yale"PARIS – February 12-17 (extension to 19), 2013 – Itinerary: Click here for Itinerary.

Bonjour Yale Alumni Leader!

We have an unusual opportunity in Paris this winter to continue our successful exchange programs with leading universities around the globe from Australia to Turkey, from Israel to Japan. We will further our mission as ambassadors for Yale by sharing best practices in alumni relations. We believe we’ve not only helped to broaden the alumni relations programs of the many universities we’ve visited, but also have further cemented their relationship with Yale. On a more personal note, many of us have developed personal friendships with each other and with our international counterparts which otherwise would not have been possible.

YaleGALE in Paris promises to be yet another outstanding experience in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. We will be exchanging with two distinguished universities, ENS and Paris ll of the Sorbonne, and possibly a third. We are waiting to hear about the possibility of a conference for universities and NGOs at the invitation of the United States Embassy in Paris. In all our sessions, we will be following the formula that has stood us in good stead in previous exchanges with panel discussions, breakout sessions and informal information sharing receptions.

The nature of this short trip limits the number of opportunities for our folks to participate in the university exchanges. However, we are organizing a special program to engage in a broader discussion of mission-related topics, such as the challenges facing institutions of higher education globally, and in the European region specifically. We will be arranging panel discussions on these issues for those not directly involved in the Paris university exchanges, and we’re expecting that this will serve to enhance our capabilities in future exchanges.

We will visit some of the marvelous museums and unique historical sites of Paris. As a special opportunity, Steve Scher ’56, a scholar in art history, has offered to join us to provide a special tour of Chartres and other Paris area highlights. In the evening, we anticipate get-togethers with local Yale alumni including former AYA Board Members and friends from previous YaleGALE trips. You will also have the option to attend the opera or the ballet. For our final evening, we are planning a group dinner cruise on the Seine. And we’ll offer optional tours for friends and family to take advantage of cultural and recreational opportunities while the YaleGALE meetings are in session.

Adding to the excitement of this trip, we are planning an extension of a few days with a visit to the Normandy Landings and Memorial. The site of the Normandy invasion and the memorial to the memory of those valiant soldiers who lost their lives in this signal battle of World War ll is a captivating experience for visitors of all generations.

The primary program begins on February 13th and returns on February 18th with an on-land double- occupancy fee of $3,000. The extension, running from February 18th to the 20th, is an additional $800. THESE DATES MIGHT EXTEND BY ONE DAY WITH THE APPROPRIATE COST ADJUSTMENT DEPENDING ON THE SCHEDULING OF A CONFERENCE – DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS YET. Please complete your registration for the program, and, if you desire, the Normandy extension by going to

I truly hope that you’ll be able to join us on this extraordinary journey to a center of global culture.

A biento,

Marv Berenblum ’56, Tour Producer