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YaleGALE 2013 BalticsLATVIA and LITHUANIA – July 9 -17, 2013

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Laba diena Yalies!

Every YaleGALE trip to date has offered an extraordinary opportunity to advance the interests of higher education on a global basis. Our program in Lithuania and Latvia is one more exciting example of the impact that we can have on universities in other parts of the world who in many cases are striving to maintain and strengthen the institution through enhanced alumni engagement. YaleGALE in the Baltics will also be an opportunity to see these two beautiful cities – one inland and the other coastal – in this very scenic part of the world.

YaleGALE in the Baltics: A Special Opportunity

European Humanities University (EHU), a Belarusian university in exile in beautiful and historic Vilnius, Lithuania has invited a YaleGALE delegation to visit this summer. EHU was founded in Minsk, Belarus to create a curriculum with a focus on western culture and values and an emphasis on critical thinking. As consequence of the policies of the government, EHU was forced to leave Belarus, and under the good graces of the European Union and Lithuania, relocated its faculty and student body to Vilnius. As a testament to academic freedom, EHU is supported by a number of American foundations including the MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation.

EHU is most enthusiastic about our plans to attend its graduation ceremony on July 11th, and EHU students will be serving as tour guides in our orientation to Vilnius. So we’ll have an opportunity for direct interaction with the students as well as with alumni and members of the board of trustees, faculty and administration over lunch.

During the alumni relations meetings, EHU is inviting university representatives from a number of countries in the region, including Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Russia and Kyrgyz Republic, to join us in Vilnius for a conference devoted to alumni engagement and development. Included in our program will be an additional session devoted to EHU’s specific challenges. Another part of the program will entail dialogue with young Belarusian graduates who are preparing for leadership roles in a future Belarusian society. We will conclude our program with a visit to the lovely port city of Riga, Latvia on the Baltic Sea. Our exchange partner in Riga is the Stockholm School of Economics which has an established alumni association, and is excited about the prospect of sharing ideas on best practices in alumni relations with us.

We will have an extra day to enjoy sight-seeing in the area, and to finish our visit to these Baltic nations with a delightful farewell dinner cruise.

Please complete your registration for the program as soon as possible, and no later than March 15th, by clicking: The program begins in Vilnius on July 9th and finishes on July 17th in Riga with an on-land double-occupancy fee of $3,500 per person (double occupancy.)

We welcome you to join us on this most meaningful journey to a land which has regained its independence and now features strong and diverse universities which demonstrate anew the courage to aspire to free inquiry.

Viso gero,

Marv Berenblum ‘56, Tour Producer