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U.K. 2012

Blue letter y in Old English font with a crown above, and the word YaleGALE beneath.We’re on a roll. Think, for a moment, about the many universities visited by the Yale Global Alumni Leadership Exchange ‑ The Australian National University in Australia; Todai, Waseda, Kyoto, Ritsumeikan, and Doshisha, in Japan; Boğaziçi, Koç, Sabanci, Yaşar, and Bilkent in Turkey; Beida, Tsinghua, Fudan, Renmin, Sun Yat Sen and New Asia College in China. We have reached scores of additional schools through our World Alumni Leadership Conferences in Istanbul and Beijing. Next February we continue this remarkable run with exchanges in Israel.

What a legacy we are creating! What a…tradition.

Yale is at once a tradition, a company of scholars, a society of friends.
— George W. Pierson, Larned Professor of History

Professor Pierson first cites Yale as a “tradition.” As sons and daughters of Eli – especially alumni “ambassadors” ‑ we are steeped in it. The first class reunions were held 188 years ago in 1824 and continue to this day. Our first alumni “association” ‑ the Society of Yale Alumni ‑ was started 185 years ago in 1827. The first regional Yale Club – in Cincinnati – was formed 148 years ago in 1864. A relative newcomer, the AYA celebrates 40 years next year.

This summer we will be traveling to the United Kingdom, arguably the foundation of our Yale – and more broadly American – collegiate traditions to add another chapter to the YaleGALE tradition. Yale modeled its residential college life after Oxford and Cambridge. Many of our student “traditions” are rooted in the UK, from athletic – rowing, baseball (from cricket), football (from rugby), golf and many more, to music – glee clubs, to oratory – debate teams, and to political unions – the Tory Party et al. Think of Master’s Teas! The Elizabethan Club! Mory’s Pub! Heck, even our buildings are designed to look like Cambridge!

We’ll travel to the University of Edinburgh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the sixth oldest university in the United Kingdom, to University of Cambridge the second oldest (and the first university in most world rankings), and to University College London, the oldest institution of higher learning in London. We’ll learn of their alumni traditions while we share ours.

Each university will have their alumni leaders on campus to meet with us. In particular, YaleGALE has been invited to share the 5th annual Cambridge Alumni Day on July 7 when their alumni leadership comes back to campus to further develop their programs – does it sound familiar? Maybe we will get some new ideas for our Assembly!

Our YaleGALE program is planned for June 30 – July 11, 2012 (and we hope you can join us June 27 – June 30 at Henley to cheer on the Yale crew team and see some more of England). The details of our program are not finalized yet although we know we will be in Edinburgh July 1 – July 4, make a quick stop in Wrexham in Wales at St. Giles Church to visit the tomb of our very own Elihu Yale, be in Cambridge July 5 – July 8 and then spend the last three days in London. This will be a remarkable occasion for us, not only to discuss how and why we engage as Yale volunteer leaders, but also to learn about the culture in the UK today and make new friends.

Once again, we will discuss the benefits and the possibilities for broader alumni initiatives with our partnering institutions. If you have volunteered for Yale, you may be asked to sit on a panel with fellow Yale alumni or participate in other ways to share your experiences of volunteering at Yale – experiences such as reunions, class dinners, mini-reunions, club activities, AYA assemblies, AYA board meetings, Alumni Fund programs, shared interest group activities – any and all such ways you have contributed your time and talent. 

In this alumni exchange we have the opportunity to transform the scope and breadth of alumni collaborations, and to share our gifts with the rest of the world. Please consider joining us – and helping us lead – this historic exchange. Please use the link to apply.

We will have orientation and training for the program in New Haven on Saturday, April 28 starting at 1 pm. You will receive details after you register for the program.


Israel 2012

Blue letter y is Hebrew-like font followed by the words 2012 IsraelShalom Yale Alumni Leader —

We are writing to you with news of an extraordinary volunteer and travel opportunity for alumni leaders such as yourself – an opportunity for you and the AYA to further the Yale alumni leadership exchange program with the world’s leading universities.  We have been Ambassadors for Yale in Australia, Japan, Turkey and China and shared best practices in alumni relations with world leading universities in all these countries.  We have made friends and made a difference – helping universities develop and broaden their alumni relations program which in turn strengthens higher education.

In an expansion of our efforts, in 2012 the Yale Global Leadership Exchange (YaleGALE) will lead two programs to work with universities first in Israel in February, and then with Cambridge University and the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, tentatively June 29 through July 9.  Because of your leadership on behalf of Yale, you are invited to join YaleGALE on both or either of these programs.  The exciting event in Israel will commence with arrival on Sunday, February 19th and conclude on Saturday, the 25th.  A three-day extension to Masada, Eilat and Petra, Jordan is planned for those wishing to see more of the area.

Following our successful model of hosting a conference when we bring many universities together for a true exchange of ideas on alumni relations, we’re planning a conference in Tel Aviv with the leading universities in Israel.  Although time is limited, we will try to schedule a program with Weizmann Institute on their beautiful campus in Rehovot. Weizmann Institute has a number of shared projects with Yale and is considered a key strategic partner.  Of course, in addition to the alumni exchanges, we will have opportunities for sightseeing while in this fascinating part of the world.  At least one evening we will have a reception and dinner with local Yale alumni.

One day of the program will be devoted to the exquisite city of Haifa and visiting the world renowned Technion to work with their alumni as well as the alumni of the University of Haifa.  A special treat will include lunchtime entertainment by the Yemin Orde choir.  Yemin Orde Youth Village is home, school, and haven to more than 500 children from broken families or orphans from 20 countries.  On the way back to Tel Aviv we will stop in the ancient sea-side town of Caesarea for dinner.

The next day we will travel to Ben Gurion University in the Negev to engage in a morning exchange.  We will make our way to Jerusalem – the City of Gold – in the early afternoon so we have time to check into our hotel and to visit the Old City on the day we arrive.  You’re going to fall in love with Jerusalem, if you haven’t visited there before, or even if you have.

Our primary partner in Jerusalem is Hebrew University, often ranked as the top university in Israel and among the top 60 in the world.  We will have an exchange at Hebrew University and visit the Mt. Scopus campus.  After an opportunity for additional sightseeing in the afternoon, we will have our final dinner together at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the Dead Sea.

After a last day of sightseeing on Saturday, February 25th, you’re invited to join us on the extension, or schedule your flight home.

This is a family friendly undertaking and we are taking advantage of every opportunity for this to be cost-effective for you.  At the present time we anticipate the per person cost of the primary on-land program to be $2,000 per person (double occupancy).

Please join us in taking advantage of this remarkable YaleGALE experience.

Shalom aleichem,

Marv Berenblum, Producer, YaleGALE in Israel

Mark Dollhopf, Executive Director, Yale Alumni Association

Kathy Edersheim, Chairperson, YaleGALE