Case Studies

Developing Successful Alumni Projects, Programs and Events

We at YaleGALE are committed to sharing best practices across cultures with alumni from other world leading universities. We have collected here specific descriptions of some programs that have been developed successfully at Yale, by its alumni relations organization (the Association of Yale Alumni – AYA) and by the alumni who have volunteered their time and efforts on Yale’s behalf.

Many students studying at the Bass Library at Yale University

We at YaleGALE are also acutely aware that throughout the world, different cultures may be receptive to different methods of alumni engagement and different types of alumni programming. Indeed, even success may be measured differently in various cultures. Truly, there are many different ways to successfully develop alumni programs.

Consequently, these writings are not intended to be exhaustive, complete, or the final word on any topic. Rather, they are meant to begin our sharing, by offering detailed descriptions of projects, programs, and events that have worked for us.

These programs have been developed within the context of a number of alumni organizational efforts at Yale, including classes, clubs, graduate and professional schools, and shared interest groups. For short overviews of these organizations and the types of programming they support see, the Overviews section.

At Yale, and at most American universities, alumni relations rely to a great extent upon alumni volunteers. Indeed, YaleGALE is composed of alumni volunteers. For personal narratives of how YaleGALE members became involved in AYA, why they volunteered, and what they did, visit the “Resource Book.”