Mentoring, student-alumni programming, internships

YaleGALE@Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut, 2013
Panelists: John Boak ’70, Marv Berenblum ’56, and Steve Blum ’74

panelists: John Boak, Merv Berenblum, and Steve Blum

John Boak ’70: an artist and designer, President of the Colorado Yale Association, and an AYA Volunteer of the Year in 2011
Marv Berenblum ’56: CEO of the National Executive Service Corp, just completed his term as an Executive Officer of the AYA Board of Governors, and now serves as President of the AYA’s Advisory Council, an AYA Volunteer of the Year in 2012
Steve Blum ’74: an accountant and now Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Association of Yale Alumni, has led 21 financial literacy sessions for students, helped create Student Leadership Forums and co-founded Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY)

Topic: “Bulldogs: Student Internship Programs that fuel Alumni Participation” – What are the components of a summer student intern program? What is the alumni involvement? How do you get employer buy-in? Why involve non-profits and NGOs? How do you involve them?

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For an overview of Yale Programs which provide internships or mentoring and develop student-alumni ties

Bulldogs Across America
Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowships
Student-Alumni Initiatives (including STAY)

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