Affinity groups (or Shared Interest Groups)

YaleGALE@Yale, in New Haven, Connecticut, 2013
Panelists: Kathy Edersheim ’87, Ed Sevilla ‘82, and Charlotte Hitchcock ’91 MPH

panelists: Kathy Edersheim, Ed Sevilla, and Charlotte Hitchcock

Kathy Edersheim ’87: Senior Director of International Alumni Relations and Travel at the AYA, founder and Chair of YaleGALE, was Vice-President of the Yale Alumni Chorus, AYA Volunteer of the Year award in 2008, Yale Medalist 2011
Ed Sevilla ’82: Vice President at Grenzebach Glier+Associates (philanthropic management consulting), former member of the AYA Board of Governors
Charlotte Hitchcock ’91 MPH: General Counsel and Chief of Staff of the Newark Public School system and former member of the AYA Board of Governors

Topic: “Organizing Alumni Activities around Shared Interests or Identity” – How do you create alumni networks based on common interests such as law, journalism, finance, or entertainment? How do you find alumni with common interests and get them together?

Video produced by YaleGALE.
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For overview  of Affinity Groups at Yale (also called Shared Interest Groups or SIGs), plus some examples

Shared Interest Groups (or SIGs)
Sports Associations – Connecting to Yale through Athletics
YaleWomen – Creating Opportunities for Women Alumnae
The Alumni Chorus – Friendships from Singing Together
Yale Alumni Entrepreneurs

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