Club holds Luncheon Lecture with Former Ambassador

Level of difficulty: Basic
Cost to attend: Low

Event: Regional Yale Club holds luncheon lecture, with former US Ambassador to Kuwait.

Lead time: 6 months
Date of event: April, 2003

3 volunteers – 6 hours total
1 volunteer speaker – 3 hours

Results: 22 alumni attended

Why a success?

Fascinating lecture about the Iraq War and the speaker’s first-hand experiences as a diplomat in the Middle East for 3 decades
Engaged attendees in a lively discussion
Enlisted new members for the YCSD
Revenue neutral for YCSD
Initiated a quarterly luncheon lecture series


SPONSOR: Yale Club of San Diego (YCSD)

DATE: April, 2003

ORGANIZER: Alan Cohen, M.D. – Member, Board of Directors YCSD

Lecturer was Frank Maestrone ’43, former US Ambassador to Kuwait (1976-1979) and US consul in southern Iran who directed the American peacekeeping operation in the Sinai between Israel and Egypt. He delivered a timely lecture about US Middle East policy, one month after the start of the Iraq War.

The speaker was local and a Yale alumni but not an active member of the Club. He was suggested by the President at the time, who maintained a contact list of previous speakers and individuals who had been recommended by local Yale alumni.

Luncheon lecture held at: Athena Greek Restaurant, San Diego; weekday 12-2pm
Private room: 25 person capacity
$25 per person – 3 course luncheon

Announcement in quarterly YCSD newsletter
1 Follow-up email
Presentation at YCSD monthly Board Meeting
The Club had a 6 month lead time but another option would be a considerably longer time line if a local club wants to publicize an entire year’s lecture series ( 3 lectures/year).


1 lead volunteer – 3 hours (phone contacts with the restaurant manager, site visit, contacts with the speaker)
1 volunteer – (newsletter and publicity): 2 hours
1 volunteer – Club Treasurer collected the checks and deposited into Club account
1 volunteer speaker – 3 hours (preparation and presentation)


22 alumni attended

Possible Improvements:

More emails publicizing the event
Larger room
Possible better attendance if held on a weekend
Post-luncheon time to network
Post-event blog to maintain an ongoing discussion and connection