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Class Reunion Art Book

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Cost to participate: None (moderate cost to purchase book)

Project: A book of artwork by members of the Class of 1970, published as part of its 40th Reunion in 2010. Reunion activities included a book signing event involving the artists.

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“All” Class Musicians featured at a Class Reunion

Level of difficulty: Advanced
Cost to participate: None

Event: The Class of 1970 arranged enough “concerts” at its 40th Reunion in 2010, so that all classmates who were instrumental musicians had opportunities to perform. Some pre-reunion mini-concerts, held in several cities served as mini-reunions promoting the 40th Reunion.

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Adding an Athletic SIG Event to a weekend of Class Reunions

Level of difficulty: Basic
Cost to attend: None (a Reunion is high cost, but nothing extra to attend this)

Event: The Class of 1970, the Yale Fencing Association and the Yale Athletic Department worked together to hold a simple all-class Fencing reception in the spring of 2010 during each of the two weekends designated for Class Reunions.

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Club Project for City Schools

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Cost to attend: None

Project: A Cleveland Yale Club project to interest and motivate kids in Cleveland’s inner city schools to become engineers. Many of these students know nothing about engineering careers. (The same idea of bringing alumni and their friends in a variety of jobs and careers to kids in schools in person, on the web and using YouTube also can be done.)

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