Winter Luncheons 2016

January 2017: Winter Luncheons this year were held at the beginning of January.

Some Yale alumni who attended the Yale Club Winter Luncheon in Harrisburg. In the foreground are three from the Class of 1970.About 14 of us showed up for the annual Winter Holiday Luncheon at the Susquehanna Harvest in Harrisburg, on Jan. 4. Thanks to President Michael Kline for making the arrangements and hosting. The Class of ’70 was well represented by three classmates (foreground of picture), but the Class of ’71 did just as well.

Some Yale alumni and spouses who attended the Yale Club Winter Luncheon in State CollegeTwo days later (Jan 6), the Yale Club held a second Winter Luncheon for folks in the State College area. Thanks to Charles Dumas for making arrangements at The Tavern and hosting. If memory serves, this is the first Yale Club Winter Luncheon in State College in a very long time – perhaps the first ever.

At both luncheons, the Club was fortunate to have as a guest, Bob Bonds ’71, Assistant Director for Associations and Clubs at the Association of Yale Alumni.. Bob brought his views and impressions of current doings on campus, and candidly answered a panoply of questions.

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