Day of Service 2015

volunteers planting a tree

Planting a tree.

May 9, 2015: Thanks to “Win” Green ’79, ’83 MDiv for conceiving and coordinating our Club’s second Day of Service project! The event was co-sponsored by Historic Harrisburg.

backhoe, volunteers and tombstones

Sprucing up the historic Harrisburg Cemetery

Yale Club members, families and friends in front of cemetery building

Yale Club members, families and friends.

An amazing 15 folks (Yalies, families and friends) participated in a clean-up day at the historic Harrisburg Cemetery, the city’s oldest and grandest. The cemetery is the resting place of many distinguished citizens, and not a few “Old Blues.” Day of service activities included sprucing up the cemetery, planting flowers, and preparing flower beds – followed by a picnic.

– Ben Slotznick

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