Camp Yale Emeritus 2016

September 10, 2016: Our summer parties in Central PA get bigger and better – and there are more of them. This year we held 3 events in 3 cities. In addition, we began exporting our growing tradition of summer fun to other Yale Clubs in other states. We dub it Camp Yale Emeritus with a website at, a Facebook page at and an Instagram page at Here’s this year’s line-up in PA.

People sitting and standing around a table, on the outside of glass doors behind the table someone is grillingMike Kline ’71, our Club President, with his gracious wife, Hava Pell, hosted a picnic-BBQ at his lovely home in Camp Hill, PA on August 6. Tied for the very first Camp Yale Emeritus ever with the Yale Club of New Mexico. Alumni from Penn and Princeton were also invited. Their house was bursting at the seams with 45 guests an enough food to feed an army. Mike decided on modest fare, so the burgers were “only” an inch thick. There were dogs two kinds of salmon, a half dozen salads, pie, cookies, dips, chips, and more other entrees than I can remember. Thanks Mike and Hava.

people standing around a table filled with food

George Downsbrough ’73 and his wife Tamara again hosted a picnic-BBQ at their home in Bellefonte, near State College. We were just sitting down outside and enjoying the magnificent view, when the rain began to pour. Everyone moved inside, for dry  clothes, dry wit and fine conversation. The bite-sized pizza hors d’oeuvres were such flavorful morsels, one almost forgot the shrimp and guacamole. Several salads, burgers, sausages, pulled BBQ chicken and more. About two dozen Yalies, family and friends, from several generations had a great time. Thanks George and Tamara.

People seated around a table talking, river with bridge in backgroundDon Mann ’94 and Trex Proffitt ’89, hosted an evening at the John Wright Restaurant in Wrightsville, PA, right smack between York and Lancaster. On Friday, September 9, about a dozen Yalies and spouses enjoyed drinks and dinner on the patio as the sun went down. Lovely view of the river. After dark, the bridges over the Susquehanna lit up.

other people sitting around table, it's night, river with different bridge in background, lights on bridge

The John Wright Restaurant is owned by Don’s family. It’s got great food and ambiance. Thanks Don and Trex.

A great beginning for our Club’s participation in Camp Yale Emeritus.

– Ben Slotznick

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