100 Men Greeting

August 22, 2016: Mike Kline, Win Green, and Robert Shaffer participated in the Harrisburg School District’s “100 Men Greeting” program. The program consists of having men stand at the entry of a school, give the students, teachers, parents and staff a high-five, and tell them to have a great year.

Mike Kline greeting arrivingt students outside Ben Franklin School in Harrisburg

This welcome will set a positive tone for the rest of the school year.

Mike is pictured outside Ben Franklin School.

For a quick glimpse of Robert Shaffer, keep your eyes peeled during the first 2 seconds of the CBS/21 video clip: http://local21news.com/news/local/100-men-greeting-helps-students-start-school-on-a-positive-note.

– Ben Slotznick

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